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Hexagon Launches TITAN 53 with World’s Largest Composite Cylinders

Hexagon Launches TITAN 53 with World’s Largest Composite Cylinders

  • Tuesday, 3rd July 2018
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Hexagon in introducing the TITAN 53, a new Mobile Pipeline gas transport module which the company says employs the largest composite cylinder tanks in the world.

Hexagon reports that customers are requiring the ability to move greater volumes of compressed gases including natural gas, hydrogen and industrial gases. The newly developed cylinders and module are designed to optimise weight and capacity to meet the 80,000 lbs GVW limit in most of the US, delivering an estimated gas volume of 492,000 scf (13,932 scm).

The 53 ft long system was unveiled at World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington, DC, US in June.

Applications for TITAN 53 include energy intensive industries converting to natural gas, virtual interconnects, gas islands, vehicle refuelling, and transporting industrial gases.

Over 1,100 units of Mobile Pipeline modules have been deployed around the world through 2017.

The TITAN 53 is the most recent example of how Hexagon is adapting composite pressure vessel technology for a range of applications for compressed natural gas, hydrogen, propane and industrial gases.

Image provided by Hexagon

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