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Growth Markets for Structural Composites Identified

  • Tuesday, 11th July 2000
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Traditionally driven by the challenges of the aerospace industry, composite technology is making significant gains in a host of domestic and industrial applications. These materials offer significant advantages over traditional materials in many structural applications. Recent advances in processing methods and materials science have led to an increase in the number of design wins by composites over alternative materials in a number of important markets. The use of composite structures has become an increasingly important factor in engineering design for new products and components in the automotive, aerospace, construction, rail, and appliance industries. Other important markets include energy, infrastructure, and marine. New composite structures consisting of high performance fibers and a range of polymeric, metallic or ceramic matrices are now making their way through product development cycles, and are becoming a significant force in a number of new applications. To take advantage of the opportunities presented by these new technology and market developments, composite materials suppliers must be fully aware of the market potential for structural composites, as well as the design and product objectives of major manufacturers. Suppliers must also be willing to act on this information by teaming with manufacturers to develop the assembly processes and pilot programs that will be required to bring these new applications to market. These are the major findings of a new report, Structural Composites: Markets and Opportunities, being published on July 24th.

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