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Greene Tweed: ArlonÒ 3000 XT Polymer

  • Thursday, 27th June 2019
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Greene Tweed highlights its innovative ArlonÒ 3000 XT thermoplastic for electronics applications in this brief, informative video. 

ArlonÒ 3000 XT provides excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance, very low moisture absorption, remarkably low wear, and high impact resistance.

ArlonÒ 3000 XT, the world’s first and only cross-linked, semi-crystalline polyketone solution, delivers superior high-temperature performance over other plastics used in the electronics and electrical markets (above 460C). Due to its salient dielectric properties, this remarkable thermoplastic can provide better electrical insulation and dissipation, faster signal throughput, and superior noise-abating characteristics over existing materials, and is capable of load bearing over the glass transition point (Tg). It also delivers significantly reduced susceptibility to moisture and steam.

ArlonÒ 3000 XT fulfills the increasing demand for advanced plastic materials in electronics and electrical applications. This patent pending thermoplastic is ideal for use in sensors, connectors, and high-voltage insulators. Greene Tweed combines expertise in high performance materials with advanced engineering design skills to provide custom solutions to market leaders for their most challenging and critical applications.

For more information about Greene Tweed’s innovative ArlonÒ 3000 XT thermoplastic for electronics applications, take a look at the Greene Tweed website or watch the video.

Image provided by Greene Tweed

For more information visit:

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