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Goodrich Awarded Composite Sonar Domes Contract

  • Friday, 3rd December 2004
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Goodrich Engineered Polymer Products Division has been awarded an $8.3 million contract to produce two sonar domes and two sonar dome rubber windows as part of the U.S. Navy’s foreign military sales program.

The awards were made via U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command base contract that includes options for the procurement of sonar domes over a period of several years.

Goodrich told NetComposites that seven Sonar Composite Domes, which are keel mounted and acoustically tuned structures, will be produced for the Royal Australian Navy frigates. Two Sonar Dome Rubber Windows, which are bow mounted structures, will be provided to the Republic of China Navy (Taiwan) and to the Japanese Self Defence Force.

The keel domes are made with Goodrich’s patented RHO-COR composite material system which is a sandwich type configuration. The system can be acoustically tuned to the frequency spectrum of interest and is particularly effective at mid to higher frequency ranges where achieving lower insertion loss performance is very challenging. U.S. Navy surface and submarine platforms are also equipped with sonar domes made with the RHO-COR composite material system.

The bow dome is a large, hydro-dynamically shaped composite structure that houses and protects the highly sophisticated sonar transducer sphere — the “”eyes and ears”” of a submarine. The bow domes are manufactured at Goodrich’s Engineered Polymer Products division in Jacksonville, Florida. Goodrich has been supplying sonar domes, windows, and acoustic materials to the U.S. Navy for over 35 years.

The 19 ton bow domes are made with a rubber wire reinforced material that has nearly the same density of seawater. Thus the name, sonar dome rubber “”window””. These domes are installed on cruisers and destroyer class type size ships.

In addition to supporting the U. S. Navy with its advanced acoustic products, Goodrich is also providing its Sonar Composite Domes and Sonar Dome Rubber Windows internationally to such countries as Japan, Bahrain, Egypt, Australia, and Taiwan under Foreign Military Sales agreements.

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