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Gitzo Develops Carbon Fibre Tripod Technology

  • Friday, 4th November 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Gitzo, manufacturer of photography/visual equipment, has developed a new line of carbon fibre tripods incorporating a design process that they claim will reduce the overall weight up to 30 percent.

The new 6C carbon fibre range improves the existing 1.5mm Gitzo carbon fibre tube products which Gitiz claims to offer “unsurpassed strength, stability and remarkable lightweight form factor”.

Utilizing a three-crossed multilayer carbon structure, bonded together at high pressure and temperature by high quality resins, Gitzo was able to offer professionals a carbon fibre tube that made improvements in vibration absorption, strength and stability. Gitzo then set out to reduce the weight of the tube even further and was able to develop a new, six-crossed multilayer carbon fibre 30 percent lighter than the previous generation that features the same level of performance for stability and vibration absorption.

Gitzo said that they made the weight reductions without taking the traditional route of producing a thinner model. Reducing the thickness of the existing 1.5mm tube would inevitably result in a loss of strength. So, by fine tuning its three layer technology to a six layer, with advanced parameters in terms of pressure, temperature and bonding resins, Gitzo was able to beat the odds and create the 6X generation. The six-crossed multilayer tubes measure only 1mm, but are equally as strong and as stable as the 1.5mm, three layer carbon fibre tubes.

In addition to the new, six-crossed multilayer structure tube and the Anti Leg Rotation System, the new 6X carbon fibre tripods have been further improved to achieve an even higher quality standard. Top casting now features high quality corrosion resistant, polished stainless top casting bolts for added stability and a redesigned built-in, spring-loaded retractable hook on the bottom of the centre column provides a place to hang a stabilizing counterweight such as camera, sand or water bags.

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