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Gearing Scientific Invest in TA Instruments Pukka TMA

  • Tuesday, 8th March 2016
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Gearing Scientific has invested in a TA Instruments Pukka TMA apparatus for measuring the thermal expansion of materials even where this is very small.

Gearing Scientific says that, for example, on a recent composite sample test in three orthogonal directions, it measured slightly positive expansion in one direction, a slightly negative one in the fibre direction and a larger positive expansion in the 3rd direction.

< -100°c="" to="" 1000°c="" which="" is="" says="" is="" more="" than="" enough="" for="" most="" composite="" applications,="" and="" plan="" to="" turn="" around="" samples="" within="" 10="" to="" 14="" days="" of="" receipt="" and="" often="" this="" will="" be="" much="" faster.="" it="" says="" that="" these="" complement="" its="" 6="" off="" lasercomp="" (ta)="" thermal="" conductivity="" and="" specific="" heat="" testing="" apparatus="" and="" the="" ubiquitous="" dma="" for="" tg="" determinations.="" t="" range="" for="" thermal="" conductivity="" is="" up="" to="" 250°c="" and="" for="" specific="" heat="" cp="" (including="" for="" composite="" materials)="" up="" to="" 180°c.="" the="" dma="" can="" go="" to="" well="" over="" 400°c="" if="">According to Gearing Scientific it can cover the T range from

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