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Fyfe Europe S.A. Strengthens Site with FRP Composite Overlays

  • Sunday, 26th November 2006
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Fyfe Europe has conducted an FRP Seismic Strengthening project in the Plaka district in Athens with their Tyfo Fibrwrap FRP System.

The thirty year old residential building is seven stories tall and sits directly beneath the Acropolis with a view of the Parthenon from the upper floors.

‘In this project we managed to combine traditional and modern strengthening techniques with great success. We used shotcrete and in-situ concrete for local interventions in bearing members where the designer wanted to enhance the stiffness and the axial bearing capacity and we used Tyfo Fibrwrap FRP System for strengthening the rest of the bearing members. Somebody can meet a rich variety of composite overlay applications in this project such as: ductility and shear enhancement of columns, shear enhancement of seismic walls, flexural and shear enhancement of beams, flexural enhancement of slabs, local strengthening of opening on slabs. It is a true example of the options an engineer has using FRPs. What is magnificent is that this modern technology is applied near the rock of Acropolis where philosophy and modern culture was founded’, said Chris Zigouris, President of ExelKAT.

Retech, an Athens based engineering firm, performed a structural analysis. The building was originally constructed to comply with the 1959 Greek Seismic code. The renovations and upgrade would need to meet more rigorous codes adopted since then. Retech completed a strengthening design that extensively utilized Fyfe’s carbon fibre wrap. This design approach was not only to save valuable floor space for the owner but also to reduce the time and cost of renovation work due to the ease of application. The Tyfo AFP Advanced Fire Protection System was utilized on slabs and beams strengthened with bonded carbon fabrics to provide the required fire rating.

ExelKat , Fyfe Europe’s Certified Applicator in Greece, was contracted to perform the renovation and strengthening work. During the course of working in the basement and substructure, historic archaeological items were uncovered. This included mosaic tile floors, pottery and early structural elements. The proximity of the Acropolis made this an interesting and important find. Greek Antiquities Authorities were called to investigate, examine and catalogue the items on hand. ExelKat was able apply Fyfe’s seismic retrofit system to the structure without disturbing the artefacts.

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