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Fulcrum Composites Offer Composite License to GaMra Composites.

  • Friday, 28th May 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Fulcrum Composites Inc. have signed an agreement by which GaMra Composites Inc will license Fulcrum Thermoplastic Composite Technology for a number of applications including development and manufacture of window profiles and railing systems.

Fulcrum is a technology that combines continuous reinforcement fibres with a thermoplastic matrix to produce high performance composite profiles with properties at least comparable to more established thermoset composites, but with additional benefits. These benefits include the ability to thermoform the final profile to incorporate shapes and bends beyond the original 2D profile and the incorporation of extruded or over-moulded surface layers with additional surface functionality including colour, soft-touch, conductivity and enhanced abrasion resistance.

Additional benefits offer improved toughness due to the high ductility of the thermoplastic matrix and a lack of VOC emissions during manufacture.

“Since the formation of GaMra we have been intrigued by the prospect of producing thermoplastic profiles with properties more akin to composites. The benefits of Fulcrum open up multiple new markets and applications for thermoplastics which were previously unobtainable due to property limitations” states Greg Mitsch, CEO of GaMra

Chris Edwards of Fulcrum Composites adds, “We are looking forward to working with GaMra. They bring a wealth of expertise in extrusion and co-extrusion which is one of the key benefits Fulcrum offers to composites users. That, combined with a ‘can-do’ attitude and a passion for new processes and materials that rivals our own makes them a great licensee and development partner.”

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