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Forté Technology Moves Into Chinese Fibreglass Market

  • Friday, 22nd January 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Forté Technology has recently installed its 7760 model moisture measurement system in a Chinese glass fibre roving manufacturer.

Despite having an established a sales and service base in Shanghai, this is the company’s first venture into the Chinese fibreglass market.

Forté Technology say their technology uses a nondestructive dielectric measuring principle to measure moisture. With this technology, instantaneous moisture measurements can be made near or beside where the trolleys of roving packages are located being removed from the oven.

Because of this, if a wet roving is measured, immediate action can be taken (such as checking the oven or the winder if the mill makes soft packages for microwave drying).

Pat White, President of Forté Technology, Inc. states: “Our 7760 offers glass fibre mills several advantages and cost savings compared to oven testing. Losses associated with oven testing include electric consumption from the ovens, product losses associated with destroying the samples, long test cycles, and missing problems in the middle of the package. With the 7760, the complete roving sample is measured, including the inside core. The Forte system is like insurance that helps the fibreglass deliver consistent product. It helps the mill be a reliable supplier by reducing their customers chances of facing costly problems related to moisture.”

The Forte Series 7000 is normally used on a “”Go/No Go”” basis. It is a lab-type unit, but manufacturers say it is rugged enough to put on the production floor. Sample rovings are taken off the trolley and put into the Forte test cell. Correlating the Forte Index Number with the wettest allowable package helps the mill identify rovings that will not meet the end users specifications.

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