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Ford StreetKa Glass Fibre Hardtop

  • Friday, 4th June 2004
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Ford have issued a winter edition of their popular ford StreetKa complete with a removable glass fibre roof.

The original StreetKa model was issued over a year ago without a hardtop, but Ford have now brought out a limited-production winter edition version of its Ka model, which could be converted from an open-top roadster to a coupe by the addition of a solid glass fibre roof.

This hardtop has now become available as a colour-coded accessory for all other StreetKas. It can be fitted to existing models as well as ordered with new ones. Unlike most cabriolet cars with retractable roofs, operated by pressing a button, the roof of the StreetKa has to be removed with a host of tools which are supplied with the Ka, and the wires also need disconnecting to the heated rear window. The glass fibre roof then has to be physically removed from the car.

As there is no possible way that the car can carry its own roof unless it’s in position, the roof has to be left behind in the garage.

The hardtop will fit any StreetKa and costs 1,072 (GBP) on top of the basic price.

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