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First Boeing Doors Ready for Barrel Test

  • Sunday, 4th June 2006
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An important milestone was recently passed when the first test composite doors for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner were delivered from Saab to Boeing, to be used in the so-called barrel test.

“The barrel test consists of the aft part of the fuselage from behind the wing. The test will be subject to cabin pressure and simulated flight loads and it will see static and fatigue loads. The barrel test doors are prototype designs that were developed early in the project to meet the requirements of this test. For the production aircraft the large cargo doors have been further optimized for weight saving reasons”, said Mats Rudlund, industrial manager in the 787 program at Saab Aerostructures.

The milestone was celebrated at a small ceremony attended by co-workers involved in the Boeing-project and representatives from Boeing.

“Everyone has done a really good job. It shows great teamwork between Saab and Boeing to accomplish this in such a short time. This is the first of many doors to come”, said Nick Marble, procurement agent at Boeing.

Saab will manufacture seven different doors for each aircraft: two large cargo doors; one bulk cargo door and four access doors. Serial production of all the doors will start during the third quarter 2006. It was in October 2005 that Saab Aerostructures signed a contract with Boeing, covering design, development and manufacturing of the large cargo doors, bulk cargo door and access doors for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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