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Fibre-Reinforced Compounds Aid Eco-compliance

  • Friday, 20th August 2004
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Six new grades of Starflam Eco-FR compounds have been released by GE Advanced Materials.

The new materials which are based on glass-fibre-reinforced PA6, PA66 and PA66/6 have been combined with the new X-Gen Eco-FR technology to provide a wide range of performance options coupled with halogen-free and red phosphorus-free flame retardancy.

Key is that the new Starflam Eco-FR compounds will help electrical and electronics application OEMs to avoid the cost and administrative impact of upcoming EU legislation, which will impose new rules on the end of life disposal of components containing halogenated flame retardants.

GE state that each of the new Starflam Eco-FR compounds has been developed to provide a wide range of properties that include improved impact performance, tight tolerance, high modulus and excellent electrical properties together with V0 flame retardancy.

Compliant with current and expected European Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS), the new Starflam Eco-FR compounds will enable OEMs to meet the increasing demand for eco-label applications.

All the new grades are characterised generally by their robust flammability – UL94V0 at 0.8mm thickness (previously only achievable using a halogen formulation), high coefficient of tracking index of 600V, glow wire flame test at 1.5mm 960C and heat deflection temperature from 200 to 250C.

Starflam PF1005Z270 and PF1007Z270 resin, respectively 25% GF (glass fibre) and 35% GF PA6 based products, combine a very robust UL94V0 performance and excellent processing behaviour together with higher mechanical properties that include an E modulus above 9GP and tensile strength of more than 145MPa.

Starflam RF1004Z270 and RF1005Z270 resin, respectively 20% GF and 25% GF PA66 based products, have been developed to meet additionally the needs of high heat resistant applications.

Starflam RF1007Z270EM and RF1009Z270EM resin, respectively 35% GF and 45% GF, PA66/6 based products, have been designed specifically to meet the highest mechanical requirements including an E modulus above 11GP and tensile strength of more than 160MPa combined with good processing behaviour.

Kamel Gueyouche, Starflam Product Manager for GE Advanced Materials, says: “”We are very excited about these new Starflam compounds. After many years of development we are now able to offer a strong combination of a flammability performance as good as that of brominated products and a mechanical performance in line with grades containing red phosphorus; in addition these compounds are based on Eco-FR technology and available in all colours””.

“”The Eco-FR compositions drive elimination of emissions and contact erosion while their good flow characteristics enable the easy moulding of small intricate parts with best-in-class surface finish””.

“”We are now able to meet the requirements for most types of applications, from MCCBs using low filled PA 6 Starflam compounds to very demanding industrial applications, such as high-voltage switchgear, contactors and relay housings, where high glass filed 6/6.6 Starflam copolymers offer high mechanical properties, coupled with high CTI and excellent dielectric strength, as well as excellent processing behaviour and thereby presenting a strong alternative for thermoset replacements””.

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