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Fibermaq’s Sales Rose 12% in 2015

  • Tuesday, 19th January 2016
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Fibermaq started 2015 at an accelerated pace, due to the increased sales of machines for the manufacture of water tanks, in a period of scarce rainfall.

At the end of the year, despite the economic crisis experienced in Brazil, the company reported a 12% sales increase in comparison with the previous period.

According to Christian de Andrade, Director of Fibermaq, the company’s revenue combines the successful launch of the Evolution line – spray-up, RTM and gelcoat machines – with the correction of bottlenecks in the family of Inter equipment and the devaluation of the Brazilian currency, which improved Fibermaq’s competitiveness in relation to foreign brands.

“The exchange rate helped us, but it is important to take into account that we did our homework. We invested in the complete reformulation of our portfolio, which culminated in the launch of the Evolution family, and the feedback from our customers has been very positive. In parallel, we adjusted some design details of the series of Inter machines, improving performance and, consequently, the market acceptance,” said Andrade.

In 2016, and as a way to protect Fibermaq from the potential worsening of the crisis, Andrade already plans several launches, including a gelcoat machine to work with epoxy resin. “This equipment was specially developed for composite moulders operating in the wind energy sector, one of the few sectors that should actually remain stable.”


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