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Fibermaq Launches Pulltech Pultrusion System

  • Friday, 21st August 2009
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Fibermaq’s latest pultrusion equipment, Pulltech, is capable of processing composites profiles up to 500mm wide.

Developed with the support of consultant Carlos Viegas, a specialist in pultrusion, Pulltech has two versions for profiles of different sizes. Developers claim that the smaller version can handle manufacturing profiles of up to 90 mm wide, with 1,000 kg maximum traction, whilst the larger model is able to produce parts from 80 to 500 mm wide, with up to ten tonnes of traction.

“The expansion of our portfolio was one of the ways we’ve found to go through this difficult period”, says José Batista de Andrade, CEO.

Manufacturers say that this system is easy to operate and comes with the option of a PLC touch screen and an electrical or mechanical device to control the pultrusion power.

“Overall, Brazilian pultruders assemble their own machines or import very expensive models. Pulltech will be a cheaper option than imported ones, though much more sophisticated than handcrafted ones”, concluded Andrade.

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