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Eurocopter and Airbus Agree on Measures to Improve Competitiveness

  • Friday, 16th July 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Eurocopter Deutschland and Airbus have signed a contract to increase competitiveness in the world market.

The German Eurocopter facility, as a supplier for Airbus passenger and cargo doors, will contribute significantly to the reduction of costs. This goal will be reached mainly by further extending the automatic production process and by including production shares from low-cost countries.

According to Airbus, Eurocopter proved with this contract that, in addition to its innovation capability which was demonstrated a few weeks ago with the introduction of the world’s first all-composite aircraft passenger door, it also possesses the necessary market competitiveness.

Bert Stegkemper, Head of the German Eurocopter sites, stated: “With this contract we do not only extend our strategic partnership with Airbus. We also qualify Eurocopter as a manufacturer of airplane passenger and cargo doors for the entire world market.”

Eurocopter recently achieved an international technological breakthrough in the construction of airplane doors. For the first time, a complete carbon-fibre door structure was manufactured in one single piece, including all respective elements such as beams, frames and the external door skin, which usually consists of multiple metal elements. Eurocopter is now in the position to offer optimum light weight doors for new aircraft programmes as well as replacement doors in weight critical existing programmes.

In addition to its helicopter business, Eurocopter Deutschland produces more than two thirds of all Airbus doors and is prime contractor in this field for the A380. It holds more than 30 active patents in the field of airplane door production.

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