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EuCIA 3-Year Strategy Reaches First Milestone

  • Sunday, 19th November 2006
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

EuCIA, the European Composite Manufacturers organisation, has been in operation for 2 years now as the successor of the GPRMC, and has changed direction into a more modern and service oriented organisation.

“The attention we have created, especially in the last few months, was enormous”, said Volker Fritz, President of EuCIA, “member states and companies in the composite world are satisfied with the performance. We have set up a 3 year plan, and our main target is the enlargement of our industry platform. We want to increase the composites playground and create business opportunities for our 15,000 composite companies in Europe.”

EuCIA is pursuing the path of providing possibilities for industry growth; industry growth, lobbying for regulation/legislation as well as improved education are already defined and have clear targets.

Following the strategy, EuCIA will try to influence and lobby for a composite friendly legislation in Brussels. Almost unrecognized by many organisation and companies, EuCIA has been very active in lobbying the European Parliament Position papers, with amendments and many other documents written by EuCIA. Hearings in parliamentary groups were attended and opinion statements were given. The priority for the next 3 months will be the focus on legislative and regulative directives in Brussels, with REACH and the WFD (Waste Form Directive) of utmost importance and both can seriously affect the future of the composites industry.

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