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Envirokare Announces Granting of the Second U.S. Patent Covering Thermoplastic Flowforming – TPF – Technology

  • Friday, 1st April 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Envirokare have produced details concerning the granting of a second U.S. Patent covering Thermoplastic Flowforming (TPF) Technology by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent was granted to Dr. Dale Polk, the inventor, who is now a consultant to LRM Industries, LLC. Dr. Dale Polk is co-inventor of the technology and has assigned the patents and all intellectual property rights to Envirokare Tech, Inc. through the recent merger of the inventor company, Thermoplastic Composite Designs (TCD) and Envirokare. Envirokare in turn has assigned all rights to LRM Industries, LLC, the newly formed joint venture between Nova Chemicals and Envirokare.

Dr. Pappas congratulated Dr. Polk on the receipt of this second patent and the further two (2) notices of allowance issued by the US Patent Office covering TPF, the revolutionary reinforced plastics technology.

Dr. Pappas said, “”Our first patent is focused in claims covering the unique delivery system of the TPF, Technology. This second patent covers the complete process that is a breakthrough in producing fibre reinforced polymeric systems. LRM Industries’ competitive position is expanded and further strengthened by this patent, which is a significant step in protecting both internal manufacture and external licensing. We also expect future patent coverage for TPF Technology to be forthcoming.

TPF is an emerging process technology for the low pressure, fully automated moulding of long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) large structural parts providing enhanced mechanical properties through the randomization and preservation of fibre length in moulded parts. LFRT moulded products represent one of the fastest growing elements of the worldwide moulded plastics market with applications replacing conventional materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, fibreglass and cement, in nearly all major industrial market segments.

The worldwide market for LFRT products is estimated to be a multi-billion pound opportunity with double-digit growth rates currently and into the future. The enhanced mechanical properties of TPF moulded products coupled with low material costs (including the use of recycled polymers) and low conversion costs make TPF (Thermo Plastic Flow-Forming) patented technology a strong contender for this multi billion pound opportunity.

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