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Engine Tuning Specialists Launch Carbon Dynamic Airbox

  • Friday, 14th October 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Angel tuning, car remapping specialists, have recently launched the Carbon Dynamic Airbox to the engine tuning market.

Angel tuning said that the new CDA filtering system has been designed to “considerably increase” performance in car engines.

The Carbon Dynamic Airbox is composed of a cylindrical air box made from carbon fibre containing a washable filtering element. The CDA filtering system is connected to an air intake in front of the car through a flexible black alloy duct. The dynamic air intake gives a true supercharging system that conveys cold air at a speed and capacity much greater than with traditional systems. The airflow entering through the dynamic intake is further accelerated due to the conical flow deflector inside the carbon fibre dynamic airbox.

The CDA is available from Angel Tuning in some special versions with particular flanges specific for a direct connection to the Air Flow Sensor (MAF) or with different dimension for a better installation inside the engine space.

Angel Tuning said that they have tested CDA’s on various cars themselves and have been very pleased with the results, offering for example, an increase of 5.6% on a standard 2.0 HDI engine.

Angel Tuning are suppliers and fitters of the CDA systems and can advise accordingly with each application. They offer package deals with ECU remapping as the two compliment each other fully.

The Carbon Dynamic Airboxes are manufactured by BMC Airfilters in Italy.

For more information visit:

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