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ELG Invests in Carbon Fibre Recycling

  • Wednesday, 5th October 2011
  • Reading time: less than a minute

ELG Haniel has acquired 100% of the shares in Recycled Carbon Fibre (RCF).

According to ELG, the commercial reclamation of carbon fibre was initiated by the former shareholder Roy Price, who they say has, over the period of ten years, steadily developed the project to marketability. They say that, in 2009, RCF set up its UK facility for the reclamation of carbon-fibre on a commercial scale and, thus, became the pioneer in this market segment.

ELG says this acquisition provides them with new growth potential in the rising market for composite materials. It enables them to implement a sustainable and ecological concept for the reclamation of carbon-fibre by means of its patent protected technology. The feedstock material is to a large extent waste from the manufacturing processes of CFRP, which previously had to be either incinerated or sent to land-fill.

The company will be supervised by the present MD Stephen Line and will operate under the name of ELG Carbon Fibre. In close co-operation with the RCF management team, ELG will further explore the new business segment of carbon fibre and is confident to expand it to a global group in this future-oriented industry.

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