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EKOR Approved for Widespread Use in Ukraine

  • Wednesday, 30th August 2000
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

EKOR, a revolutionary geopolymer composite used to “cocoon” nuclear waste and prevent radioactive contaminants from dusting or seeping in to the environment, can now be used widely by contractors at Chernobyl. EUROTECH, Ltd., based in Washington, D.C., is moving ahead with production of EKOR in the U.S. “Safe containment of nuclear waste is a major problem facing many countries, not just in the Ukraine,” notes Jeff Stephen, Eurotech’s Chief Operating Officer. ” In the United States there are hundreds of sites that pose serious safety and environmental risks and for most of these EKOR is by far the most advanced and most effective means available for safe containment.” Assessment of EKOR leading to certification was done by the Ukrainian Government following successful application of the composite at Chernobyl’s failed reactor 4 in March of this year. Chernobyl personnel overseeing the Shelter Project attest that EKOR has outlasted and outperformed any other products previously used. In its certification letter, the Ukrainian Government acknowledges that EKOR is radiation resistant, does not degrade even after long-term exposure to radiation, and can withstand extreme physical, chemical and biological assaults on its structural integrity. Certification opens the way for further applications at Chernobyl and for commercial use throughout the Ukraine. Planning is underway for projects using EKOR that demonstrate the application technology to suppress airborne contamination, contain contaminated water and provide fire safety inside Chernobyl’s sarcophagus. EUROTECH, Ltd. owns the rights to produce and market EKOR. Working with NuSil Technology in Santa Barbara, California, Eurotech is testing and preparing EKOR for commercial production in North America.

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