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Edra Equipamentos Develops Composite ATM

  • Sunday, 6th May 2012
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Edra Equipamentos has developed an ATM booth using composite materials that promises to draw attention for its looks and for its sustainable character.

According to Edra, the ATM was titled the ‘Contemporary Bank Project’ and took approximately one year to finish, and required more than USD 300,000. Jorge Braescher, President of Edra said “After the surveys held with several banks and approximately five hundred users, we defined the concept of the booth and promoted a contest among several architects to select the design. Then, we entered into a few agreements with the suppliers of raw materials.”

The walls and ceiling of the booth are made of composite materials, however, instead of using conventional resins Edra say they selected a polymer derived partly from renewable sources, such as oilseed plants, produced by Elekeiroz. “To make this resin, Elekeiroz also reuses post-consumer polymers, for instance, PET bottles,” explains Braescher. The floor is also sustainable and Edra explain that the plastic wood comprises more than 90% of discarded packaging waste.

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