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DSM Composite Resins launches Atlac E-Nova range

  • Monday, 20th May 2002
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

DSM Composite Resins has introduced Atlac E-Nova, a new range of high performance resins. Atlac E-Nova resins are based on a completely new, vinyl ester technology, and are the result of an extensive development programme.

Dedicated grades of Atlac E-Nova resins are offered for the main market applications of relining, tanks & pipes, marine and pultrusion. Two new grades in particular provide optimum solutions for chemical plant fabricators and for companies involved in industrial relining – a major growth area. Both are new resins with excellent mechanical, thermal and corrosion resistant properties; enabling producers of composite tanks and pipes to reduce their wall thicknesses, without compromising any performance capabilities.

The relining grade has a high heat distortion temperature of 145°C and demonstrates enhanced processing and curing characteristics. When used in sewer relining applications, the resin combines exceptional mechanical properties with the renowned chemical resistance of a vinyl ester resins.

DSM Composite Resins has also established a network of Competence Centres (CCs) – hubs of technical expertise and know-how. The Competence Centre Relining works closely with leading producers in this field to deliver optimum material and process solutions. For example major emphasis has been placed on the new relining technology of Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP), whereby sewer pipes can be rehabilitated in-situ and cured via hot water or UV light. Now most commercial relining systems are based on performance-proven relining resins from DSM. This ‘no-dig’ trenchless technology is kinder to the environment, saves major community disruptions, avoids costly sewer system installations and is much quicker than traditional excavation methods. Currently, under the historical city of Hamburg, vast expanses of corroded sewer pipelines are being quietly rehabilitated thanks this technology and the efforts of DSM Composite Resins.

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