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Dow Technology in Lightweight Composite Manhole Covers Brings Innovation to the Market and Offers New Sustainable Opportunities for Governments and Communities

  • Tuesday, 16th October 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Dow Polyurethanes has launched KIO composite manhole covers bringing new opportunities to the market with innovative technology that is designed to offer significant advantages over traditional cast iron alternatives.

In addition to helping governments and communities worldwide meet their sustainability target, composite manhole covers address weight, noise and theft issues that can result in safety liabilities. Dow explains that KIO is a remarkable innovation that came as a result of a two-year development between it and Industrie Polieco.

According to Dow, the KIO composite patented solution features VORAFORCE fast cure LFI Polyurethane Systems, its latest composite technology that is lightweight, yet can carry a heavy load. KIO is approved according to EN 124 standard and has achieved TUV certification. It also offers a fast curing speed that is critical to addressing manufacturing demands.

When compared to traditional cast iron alternatives, Dow says KIO composite manhole covers help to secure roads worldwide with the solidity and hardness of cast iron at 70% less weight, magnetic insulation, noise reduction, innate resistance to corrosion and 13% – 48% lower CO2 emissions. Additionally, the increasing value of scrap iron has led to the theft of traditional cast iron manhole covers, which compromises public safety and brings added expense for local authorities and service companies. Luigi Tonelli, Chairman of Industrie Polieco, said, “We believe KIO will set the new industry standard for manhole covers in civil and industrial infrastructure, thanks to its quality and advantages.” KIO composite can also be customised.

Francesca Pignagnoli, EMEA Industrial Composites Market Manager for Dow said, “KIO is one brilliant example of what can be done. Polyurethane systems, with their features and versatility, are still far from demonstrating their full potential contribution in composite products. Dow and Polieco are continuing their work to bring further opportunities and expand the range of KIO™ into new grades and products.”

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