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Dow Epoxy Products price increases

  • Monday, 17th March 2003
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Dow Epoxy Products and Intermediates will be increasing its prices for Epoxy resins. In Europe, Dow is aiming for a 100 Euro/MT increase whereas in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, Dow is aiming to increase its price by 150 USD/MT.

Across South East Asia Dow is increasing prices of liquid epoxy and solid epoxy resins by $0.09/kg on 1st April and again on 1st May. Solid solution grades, such as D.E.R. 671×75 price rises of $0.08/kg on 1st April and again on 1st May are being made.

For the US, Dow will increase the price of its epoxy resins and hardeners by between $.06 per pound and $.10 per pound .

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