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Dow Epoxy Introduces Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners

  • Wednesday, 14th May 2008
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Dow Epoxy has introduced Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners, low viscosity materials for use in amine, DICY,anhydride and phenolic cured epoxy systems.

Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners are designed for applications where properties of epoxies such as adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance are needed, but greater mechanical performance is required. Dow say that the Fortegra line is based on a specially designed self-assembling block co-polymer that creates the particles needed for toughening the cured epoxy and, at the same time, does not result in big changes to other properties such as viscosity, cure speed or chemical resistance.

“With Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners, formulators no longer have to make big compromises on key properties to improve the toughness of epoxy systems as they are forced to do today with alternative materials,” said Ohnishi Hideyuki, global business director for Dow Epoxy’s Performance Resins group. “We have had positive results in trials with select customers, who have found it easier than ever with Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners to enhance the flexibility and toughness of their applications, without significantly changing the chemistry of their formulations. And because these toughening products are effective at levels as low as 3 to 10 percent by volume, not as much is needed compared to similarly priced alternative products – making Fortegra Epoxy Tougheners a more reasonable choice.”

Dow Epoxy is introducing the line into specialized industries where they will provide the greatest value, including composites.

“With this patented toughener technology, Dow is demonstrating its ever-increasing commitment to the delivery of innovative ‘difference making’ material solutions,” added Hideyuki. “In the case of the Fortegra line, we are responding to formulators’ need for a product that imparts the desired toughness with no big tradeoffs in other properties and end-use performance. We are pleased to offer this advanced building block so formulators can differentiate and create new value for the customers and industries they serve.”

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