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Dow Corning to Pioneer Development of Material Solutions

  • Friday, 28th May 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Dow Corning Corporation has established a new global research centre to develop innovative technologies and applications for organosilane and silicon-containing chemicals.

The Surface and Interface Solutions Centre (SISC), located in Belgium, aims to design innovative composites or molecules; processes; surface; interface and interphase technologies. It will serve the global needs of customers in multiple markets, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants, coatings, textiles and electronics.

“The SISC will enable our customers to establish a competitive advantage by providing next-generation solutions and the best technical and business approaches to their challenges,” said Thierry Materne, Dow Corning global technology and business development manager, Silanes Products. “The solution may be something that helps a customer achieve improved performance or productivity, or it could be the result of working with a customer to develop a tailor-made approach based on the interface between silanes and other materials.”

The centre, unique among Silanes manufacturers, is staffed by scientists and engineers linked to Dow Corning’s global network of technology experts and to external sources of expertise. They will focus on plastic and rubber applications and on material science for filler reinforcement, crosslinking and adhesion across a large cross section of products and industries.

“The centre combines our technology expertise with our market knowledge to discover new opportunities that will meet the new and emerging needs of our customers,” said Mark Maxwell, Dow Corning strategic marketing director, Silanes Products. “We have made significant investments to support the silanes market in recent years, including adding manufacturing capacity and developing new technologies to support the Green Tire market. This investment will enable us to further grow our silanes product line and identify new opportunities for performance-enhancing solutions.”

The SISC is located within the Dow Corning Business and Technology Centre at Seneffe, Belgium, which has advanced resources for research and development and for collaboration with customers and external partners. “A European facility enables us to provide global support for customers, complementing our existing facilities for silanes in Midland, Michigan, USA, and Chiba, Japan,” said Maxwell.

“Our goal is to be recognized as the global leader in surface and interface sciences and applications for silicon-containing chemicals. We can accomplish that by using the SISC to contribute significantly to our customers’ major technical and business achievements, and set new standards for the silanes industry.” said Materne.

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