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DH Sutherland at CAMX 2019

  • Wednesday, 17th July 2019
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

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DH Sutherland is exhibiting for the 6th consecutive year at CAMX, Composites and Advanced Materials Expo.

DH Sutherland is showcasing L&L Products’ latest adhesive technologies for the advanced composites industry and is also holding a live demonstration of how to create a clean, strong, and flexible impregnated composite panel using L-F610 thermoplastic epoxy adhesive film on both carbon fibre and fibreglass.  

Below is a high-level look at some of the latest technologies that attendees can expect to see at the DH Sutherland booth, J53. 

L-9100 Series: Room Temperature Cure FST Adhesives

L&L Products epoxy-based, adhesives have been developed to bond various substrates (metal, thermoplastic and composites) that are common to the aircraft industry. These two component toughened adhesives cure at room temperature and provide high performance bonding. Designed for interior applications, they meet the latest FAA fire regulations (vertical burn, smoke density, and toxicity). The adhesives are available in different open time versions that allow for a work life from 5 minutes to one hour, to fit the required application processes. They can be supplied in twin-barrel cartridges, pails or drums. 

L-9000 Series: Foaming Adhesives

L&L Products’ L-9000 series foaming adhesives can be applied quickly and easily to trim honeycomb interior panel edges. Curing these products at a range of 250°F to 350°F, the L-9000 foaming adhesives can expand from 100-500% of their original volume. This versatility allows for filling voids and providing an edge that can be finished to optimal fit and finish specifications. The predictable post-cure density provides uniform material specification for your finished panels and can be saw-cut, laser cut, milled, sanded or lathed, to meet your demanding fit and finish requirements. L-9000 can also be potted into structures and provide local reinforcements. 

L-F610: Thermoplastic Epoxy Adhesive Film

L-F610 is a thermoplastic epoxy-based adhesive film. It combines the adhesion benefits of an epoxy with the processing ease and flexibility of a thermoplastic. This technology is a good candidate when typical thermoplastic adhesive films require superior adhesion strength and stiffness. L-F610 replaces messy and time consuming liquid epoxy materials. View L&L’s YouTube page to see how you can form clean, strong, and flexible composite panels using L-F610: 

Join DH Sutherland on Tuesday, 24 September for a live demonstration. The team will form the panels into defined shapes, giving attendees the opportunity to take home a panel or encase their own business card in carbon fibre. In addition to the scheduled demonstration, the heat press will be available throughout the duration of the exhibition for impromptu demonstrations of the bonding/de-bonding capabilities of L-F610 on various substrates, as well as its strength performance with each. 

VIsit DH Sutherland at CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, on 24-26 September in Anaheim, California, US at booth J53.

For more information visit:

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