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Del Stark Publish Two New Technology Scouting and Briefing Reports for Nanocomposites

  • Tuesday, 9th October 2012
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

The technology scouting services arm of Del Stark Technology Solutions has published two new technology scouting and briefing reports on the subsets of Flexible Graphene Composites and Silicene, Graphyne, Graphdiyne and Graphane, both now available through the NetComposites Store.

Graphene’s many interesting properties make it of huge interest to academic scientists and industrial companies. Graphene is extremely thin, stiff and strong, a conductor of heat and electricity and it is also ductile. Del Stark explains how the reports show the latest research results which your company can optimise for future business opportunities.

Silicene has been described as the graphene equivalent for silicon and has attracted tremendous attention as it could have a wider impact on the future developments in expanding areas of spintronics and nanoelectronics.

“Silicene is expected to enter industry in a big way because the Silicon technology is very well developed and much of that may be used to develop Silicene based electronics.” – Dr.Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Institute Chair Professor in Physics, Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

The Flexible Graphene Composites report is 179 pages and provides access to news, patents, academic research findings and also supplies company details with contacts, graphene pricing and market values. The report also highlights universities and institutes working in the field, as well as, companies and research organisations that are patenting.

Findings include excellent flexible electrode material for both super-capacitors and fuel cells found And improved electrochemical performance and provides extra space for the storage of Li+ and significantly reduces paths for both Li+ ion and electron diffusion. The report corrosion protection of steel and rubber composites exhibiting good electrical conductivity, water vapour permeability and high mechanical strength.

Del Stark explains that Silicene has a tunable band gap and displays interesting physical, magnetic, and electronic properties and structurally it has been described as a honeycomb configuration. These features have been highly contrasted in the literature against graphene, demonstrating that silicene has a richer structure. This structure can be used for functionalisation and developing future electronics and electro-magnetic correlated devices. The possible compatibility of silicene with current silicon-based micro-/nano technology will be of huge industrial interest.

This 106 page report provides access to news, patents, academic research findings and also highlights universities and institutes working in the field, as well as, companies and research organisations that are patenting.

The report also looks at Graphyne, Graphdiyne and Graphane and says Graphyne’s electronic properties are even more amazing than that of graphene and will have versatile applications in nanoelectronics and can serve as a promising candidate for hydrogen storage. Graphdiyne has also shown some exciting results and may find applications in nanoscaled electronic devices and solar cells and find potential application in a wide range of fields including air purification, waste water treatment, hydrogen purification and gas separation. Graphane has potential applications as a hydrogen storage material and in two dimensional electronics.

The reports are now available. For the Technology Briefing and Scouting Report on Flexible Graphene Composites please click here. For the Silicene, Graphyne, Graphdiyne and Graphane Technology Briefing and Scouting Report please click here.

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