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DAFA Sound Damping for Wind Turbines to Ensure Continued Growth and Harmony

  • Friday, 1st June 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

DAFA Denmark says that the authorities have made moves to tighten up requirements concerning noise from wind turbines which they suggest, in the worst case, could break a large number of future wind turbine projects, thereby reducing growth throughout the industry.

According to DAFA, sound damping for wind turbines is by no means a new phenomenon for manufacturers. Lars Jensen, Global Windpower Director of DAFA Denmark, says “There is constant research and development going on to identify new methods, new materials and new designs to ensure significant abatement of the noise from wind turbines.”

Working closely with a number of wind turbine manufacturers, DAFA explain how they have contributed to ensure that wind turbines are capable of complying with the requirements for reductions in low-frequency and high-frequency noise. “The nacelles of wind turbines present particular challenges in terms of noise. One aspect is reducing the transmission and reflection of airborne noise to avoid environmental nuisance. Another aspect is to absorb the sound by insulating or screening off the actual source of the noise. Part of the task is also to prevent plate vibrations from being reproduced in structures or reaching electronic components. All these aspects help to reduce the noise level, thus promoting harmony between wind turbines and people,” according to Jensen.

DAFA explains that their Sound concept consists of three elements. One element is the wide range of products and raw materials in foam, rubber and composite (used singly for their own particular characteristics or combined as a basis for developing individual custom solutions). Another is the employees’ insights and know-how in the matter of sound, together with their ability to understand and relate to specific challenges. Last but not least, there is the company’s production apparatus, which comprises the newest and most advanced machinery and processes – a significant parameter. They say this ensures they are able to deliver competitive solutions that are attractive to the market.

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