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Crystic Matched-Performance Systems Help Launch Of New Luxury Yacht

  • Wednesday, 19th December 2007
  • Reading time: about 4 minutes

The Crystic matched-performance marine products from Scott Bader Company Ltd have been exclusively specified by Alen Yachting of Istanbul for the production of their new Metaphor 68 luxury yacht.

Their exciting and innovative prototype successfully combines Italian design elegance, developed by Victory Design, with precision engineering and exacting manufacturing standards. The craft specification covers an overall length of 20.5 metres (68ft), with 15.30 metres at the waterline, 6.21 metres beam and 1.1 metre draft.

With their modern production facilities, Alen Yachts have also taken advantage of all the latest high technology marine composite products in the Scott Bader range which have been specifically developed for high quality fibreglass tooling and boat construction. The matched-performance range of Lloyds approved Crystic resins, skincoat, barriercoat, gelcoat, bonding paste and structural adhesive products are designed to provide the required level of finish and durability.

Production of the prototype Metaphor 68 hull was done by hand lay-up. However, further production hulls will be manufactured by vacuum infusion methods, which was the production process already used for the production of the bulk heads and liners, which were then bonded into place with Crystic Crestomer 1152PA structural adhesive. The PVC foam was bonded with Crestomer 1196PA using a recommended vacuum bagging technique which maximises the adhesive penetration into the gaps in a cross-cut scrim-backed foam for maximum performance. The deck has been bonded to the hull using Crestomer 1181A. This method of production using Crestomer structural adhesives where possible ensures low exotherms and low shrink with better mechanical properties of the composite. At the same time, there were the added benefits of making production faster and easier as well as reducing overall boat weight. Unnecessary lamination and mechanical bolt fixings were eliminated, with even the engine beds being fixed with a Crestomer 1186PA adhesive. Behind the gelcoat is Crystic Crestacoat 5000PA, a proprietary barriercoat above the water line and VE 679PA, a VE/DCPD skincoat below the waterline, to eliminate print-through and protect from osmosis. Metyx Multiaxials were also used in preference to woven rovings to further minimise print through. The overall system has resulted in an outstanding surface finish of the deck and hull, with no evidence of the bulkhead being visible externally as vertical lines on the hull surface; this can be a problem area for some FRP boat builders who use the more traditional laminate ‘tie-in’ method for attaching bulkheads due to the localised laminate shrinkage.

Mr Emre Sandan, The Assistant General Manager for Alen Yachts, who is a qualified Naval Architect and Marine Engineer said, “This is the best gelcoated vessel surface that Alen Yachts has produced. Using Scott Bader’s latest products and technical expertise in both FRP tooling and boat building has also enabled Alen Yachts to produce one of the best gelcoated surface finishes now possible in the boat industry.

Mr Sandan went on to say “This is an excellent example of a real partnership approach between a boatyard, a distributor and a supplier. We have been delighted with the service and co-operation provided by Metyx Composites, who are Scott Bader’s exclusive distributor in Turkey, as well as getting excellent technical and commercial support for this project, provided locally from Scott Bader. Their products were chosen because they are very well known and have a long established brand name, with extensive experience in composite boat building, combining proven quality and product performance with reliable deliveries and realistic pricing. I am confident that Metyx Composites, along with Scott Bader’s products and technical service, will continue to play a major part in our future production plans”.

The launch of the first Metaphor 68 is planned for March 2008, with a production of six craft in the first year followed by a further 12 in year two. A Metaphor 88 prototype will commence soon for a launch towards the end of 2008, with a Metaphor 108 also being developed by Victory Design. A new Alen 425 Tender boat is due to be launched March 2008, with a new Alen 575 Lobster craft also launched in August that year. The Alen 425 and Alen 325 craft will continue to remain in production at the rate of 20 units per year.

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