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Conforce Receives Trial Order for Highway Trailer Product

  • Tuesday, 29th May 2007
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Conforce International has received a trial order for its newly developed EKO-FLOR Highway Trailer flooring system from Netherlands-based ATC Houthandel.

ATC is a leading manufacturer of wood floors for trailer and closed box-vans in Western Europe.

As an extension of its EKO-FLOR composite Container floor product, Conforce has been in development of an EKO-FLOR composite floor product for use in Highway Trailers in both the European and North American markets. Through ATC, the company will enter into road testing in 13.5m (45ft) highway trailers fully equipped with EKO-FLOR. The European road trials are expected to commence in approximately eight weeks and are expected to be completed within thirty days. The Company anticipates that all ISO 1496 load and strength requirements during the trial will be met or exceeded. Conforce estimates that the ATC EKO-FLOR trailer business could generate annual revenues in excess of 5.5 million USD.

ATC has been providing trailer flooring for over 30 years to The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Norway, and the Czech Republic. Mr. Eduard Heterbrij, Sales Manager for ATC, was quoted as saying, “”For years we have been looking for environmentally friendly, alternative products to hardwood and plywood trailer floors. We have tested several products such as bamboo, plastic, plywood, aluminium, polyester and several composite products, but none have been accepted because of the very heavy pressure loads caused by forklifts and pallet trucks.”” Mr. Heterbrij added, “”We have very high expectations for the EKO-FLOR flooring system and are very pleased to be working in cooperation with Conforce.””

According to Conforce President and CEO Marino Kulas, “”The trailer market is one in which we intend to establish a strong presence. We are currently developing relationships with trailer manufacturers, distributors and end-users and in that regard, we are very pleased to be working closely with ATC for the introduction of our EKO-FLOR Highway Trailer flooring system to the European trailer market.””

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