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Composites One Uses LRTM to Build 16-Foot Sailboat at IBEX 2005

  • Friday, 9th September 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Composites One will conduct what it claims to be the largest live demonstration of Closed Mould Technologies held at the IBEX 2005 in October.

IBEX 2005, the 15th International Boat-builders Conference held on October 19-21 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, will host a team of Composites One’s staff who will use the Light Resin Transfer Moulding (Light RTM) process to demonstrate how to build the hulls and decks for a 16-foot sailboat.

It is the first time that Composites One has built an entire boat using Light RTM before a live audience at IBEX.

“Many marine manufacturers are using closed mould processes like LRTM to make small parts such as hatch covers and dashboards and not fully taking advantage of this process to produce high-quality hulls and decks,” said Composites One President and Chief Operating Officer Leon Garoufalis.

“Closed mould is well suited to make larger parts in less time, with less waste and emissions over using traditional open mould processes,” he added.

Composites One will conduct the large-scale LRTM demonstration outdoors at IBEX, where attendees will watch as the Composites One Closed Mould Team uses Light RTM to build a 16-foot boat hull and deck twice a day on October 19 and 20. During the demonstrations, team members will be on hand to answer questions, explain aspects of the process, discuss equipment and materials, and display a finished 16-foot sailboat built using the same Light RTM process, which will later be given away as a prize to the winner of a draw to be held at the conclusion of IBEX.

“Manufacturers with any doubts about building an entire boat using Light RTM will see for themselves that it can be accomplished,” said Garoufalis

The Light RTM demonstration is the culmination of a joint effort between Composites One and major suppliers, industry experts and organizations, including Alcan Baltek, Arkema, Cook Composites & Polymers, ChemTrend, Chomarat, Glas-Craft, Owens Corning, ITW Plexus, Progress Plastics, RTM North, and Vectorply.

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