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Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance to Highlight Customer Stories

  • Tuesday, 22nd January 2013
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Composites One, along with the Closed Mold Alliance and 20 industry partners, will use the latest closed mould processes to build parts, including an actual production part for a real Composites One customer live on the show floor at COMPOSITES 2013, Orlando, Florida, US from January 29 – 31.

Composites One explains that all the closed mould demos will all take place in a specially designed staging area at booth #737 and will include customer examples within the presentations.

It’s the latest production of the Lean Mean Closed Mould Machine Demos that have been presented by Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance, and its industry partners at major composites industry events over the last decade. “In past demos, we’ve focused on showing manufacturers how closed mould can help them build large and small parts, better, faster, with less waste and emission,” said Composites One Vice President, Greg Shymske. “Now we have the chance to involve a valued customer in a live demo and show their part being built with the latest closed mould techniques. I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate the results that they and other manufacturers receive when they use these processes in their own operations.”

This year’s featured customer is Regal Marine Industries, a major manufacturer of luxury performance boats based in Orlando, Florida. “We used a leading Light RTM tool builder to manufacture the hatch-cover mould that will be used in our demonstrations,” said Shymske. “During our demonstration we will use the Light RTM process to build the actual part.” Regal representative Mike Weiss will be on hand during the event to review the mould and finished parts, and provide a live testimonial of the entire process.

Composites One says that team members will produce tooling for another participating manufacturer in the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) work cell. “This is a good example of why manufacturers need to consider what they’re building before they select a particular closed mould process for their operation,” said Shymske. “Infusion, for example, is perfect for Tooling because it results in greater heat resistance, extended mould life and faster build times, as well as significantly reduced styrene emissions.” Featured at that demo will be OptiPLUS from CCP Composites, an infusion resin specially formulated for tooling production.

Also featured at COMPOSITES 2013 will be Flex Molding, a technique developed by Magnum Venus Plastech, and improved upon by the Closed Mold Alliance, that the Alliance say is ideal for producing silicone bags used in closed mould processes. In the Flex Moulding work cell, attendees can watch a video of an actual silicone bag being produced through the process.

Also being showcased will be emerging technologies such as Sprayomer, an innovative flexible bag system from SR Composites that has proven effective in producing a variety of parts. The latest advancements in pregreg technology will also be demonstrated by the Composites One Advanced Composites Team. In addition to a live demonstration they will be showing video shot live at Fibreworks, a Composites One customer using Axiom prepreg material to manufacture parts every day.

Throughout the event, the Alliance, along with the Composites One Closed Mold Team, will be on hand to answer attendees’ questions, discuss equipment and materials, and help manufacturers learn how to put these processes to work in their operation.

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