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Composite Star 2.0 Free to Download

  • Thursday, 8th May 2008
  • Reading time: less than a minute

The new version of Composite Star, the popular database and design software for composite materials, is now available.

The software can be downloaded free from the NetComposites site at the link below

The new version, Composite Star 2.0, has a completely improved user interface, making the use of the software more user-friendly.Another important new feature is the integrated spreadsheet. With this spreadsheet, the user can add new or customize calculation procedures. This adds a completely new dimension to the program and widens the scope of calculation possibilities substantially.

Maybe the most important innovation of Composite Star 2.0 is its shareware concept. The full version of the software can be downloaded and is entirely free to use for 30 days. The price for a permanent license is only 495 EUR or US$ 745!

With this shareware concept, Material plan to make composite calculation accessible to everyone. This is especially important for universities and other educational institutions, as well as for small and midsize companies, who can not afford to invest in high-priced software. Another aim of the shareware concept is to significantly increase the number of users, to trigger interaction between them and encourage the exchange of data and calculation procedures.

For more information visit:

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