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Composite Solutions, Inc. to Acquire Karagozian and Case Structural

  • Tuesday, 11th July 2000
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Engineers Composite Solutions, Inc is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent with the principals of Karagozian and Case Structural Engineers (K&C) for the acquisition of K&C by CSI. The terms of this transaction are being finalized and will involve an exchange of K&C shares for CSI shares. Composite Solutions, Inc. uses advanced composites in the form of carbon, aramid, or glass fiber — reinforced polymer sheets to strengthen buildings and bridges and to minimize the damage from earthquakes, deliberate and accidental explosions, wind, and overloading. Karagozian and Case is a consulting engineering firm that provides a wide spectrum of civil and structural engineering services, including earthquake engineering and engineering related to the effects of explosions (blasts). Of particular interest to CSI are K&C’s unique experience and capabilities concerning advanced fiite-element based computer simulations of structural response and damage resulting from blast events and generating advanced design concepts to mitigate blast effects. The recent moves by CSI to acquire K&C, as well as Trans-Science Corporation and Anchor Reinforcements reflect part of a strategic integration plan. This merging of expertise will allow CSI to furnish end-to-end turnkey services ranging from threat (seismic or blast) analysis — to retrofit design — to retrofit material systems selection — to retrofit construction and implementation.

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