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Composite Solutions, Inc. Revenues Grow

  • Thursday, 4th January 2001
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Composite Solutions, Inc ended the year with the receipt of a half dozen purchase orders for projects in California. One project uses CSI composite technology to retrofit columns that will be subject to blasts. The blast hardening retrofit is part of a government funded test program. Another contract is for the seismic strengthening of a historic structure in downtown Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills project is being conducted by HBC Composite Solutions, LLC a joint venture between CSI and Howard Building Corporation (HBC). The project incorporates the use of composite fabric provided by CSI subsidiary Anchor Reinforcements. Engineering was conducted by CSI thus allowing the building owner to benefit from a complete turn-key contract. Other CSI projects are benefiting from the structural engineering design and analysis services of CSI strategic partner Karagozian & Case Structural Engineers. In early 2001, CSI expects to receive response from clients on a number of proposals based on a turnkey design build method for earthquake retrofitting and blast hardening of buildings. In a separate staement ,the company also announced that it has opened a Washington, D.C. office. This East Coast location represents the first of many satellite offices to be opened throughout the United States. CSI provides end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries that use fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. Using FRP technology developed by and licensed from the University of California, San Diego, CSI offers a comprehensive package from analysis through construction. Primary uses of the technology include revolutionary new construction, structural strengthening, earthquake retrofitting and blast hardening of a variety of structures. For more information visit CSI’s website

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