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Composite Patch Launch New Composite Repair System for Boating World

  • Tuesday, 21st February 2012
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Composite Patch have launched a universal composite repair system designed to be a straightforward, all weather, error proof and fast curing composite repair system for ocean racing yachts.

Composite Patch explains that they produce and sell on-line epoxy resin with carbon fibre or glass fibre repair patches for permanent structural repairs. They say it bonds to virtually any surface and will harden fast in the coldest weather, in the snow or even underwater, making composites repairs possible for any un-trained boat owner on the spot.

“In emergency situations, the last thing you should have to worry about is  having to care about the resin hardener ratio or how much resin you need to prepare for that size reinforcement. You want the fastest curing resin; the simplest system to use and make sure your repair quality is perfect,” says Alvaro Pipo, Engineer, 2011 Telefonica VOLVO 70 racer Building Team.

Composite Patch claims that 90% of the resin strength is obtained only hours after the gel in any weather condition.

Composite Patch say their product was approved as sole repair system by some of the Volvo Ocean Racing teams for its fast curing all weather capability, but also because it is the lightest repair system.

Iker Martinez, Skipper, VOR Team Telefonica, winner of all three first legs of the race provided feedback on the use of the Composite Patch “3 days before arriving into Cape town, taking advantage of lighter air, we performed a full inspection of the boat and discovered a structural damage in the bow area, using the Composite Patch enabled Pepe Ribes, our boat captain to laminate the area that was quite complex in under 15 minutes for the full repair.

1 and a half hour later, the wind picked up, we inspected the repair and saw it was already cured. We were able to resume into the race full on, pounding our bow into the waves until Cape Town, keeping our lead.”

Pepe Ribes, Boat Captain & composite specialist said “Using the Composite Patch was very easy, and this repair system is lighter to carry on board than any other repair systems – which at the end is key for us.

When the Telefonica VOR made it into Cape Town, Santi Lange from the designing firm of the boat Juan Yacht Design and Stefano Beltrando, one of the world´s most recognized ultrasound technician inspected the repair to decide if it needed a more permanent repair.”

Stefano Beltrano, www.qicomposites.comstated “My recommendation after inspecting the structural repair with ultrasounds was that this repair did not need replacing by a more permanent repair. To me, it is good to continue for the rest of the race.”

He also added “Outside from race use, I think this repair system, being able to cure underwater will save a lot of money to all the rental boat companies that every year need to lift out of the water dozens of their boat their boats in Croatia or Sardinia after hitting rocks and needing a provisional repair until they can go back to the shipyards for more definitive repairs”.

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