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Composite Industry Gets Its Own New Brand

  • Monday, 1st March 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The worldwide composite industry has recently received its own generic brand by the introduction of the “Composed with Composite” Image Logo.

Designed by Floris Ketel MBA, Graphical Designer and Interaction Engineer and younger son of Jaap Ketel, Association Director of the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA), this generic brand is available free of charge to composite product manufacturers, fabricators of composite products and companies providing engineering services within the composite industry.

Because the composite industry needs to set itself apart from the more traditional materials, such as metals, and make itself more apparent to the end-user, a distinguishing brand was needed. In a similar way as the Australian wool industry at one time decided to set itself apart from the up and coming synthetic fibers by introducing the “Woolmark”, so well known today. Furthermore the steel and aluminium industries are very active with their advertising campaigns, spending millions to improve their image with the general public. As example: the European steel industry is currently spending 50 million Euro’s on a European wide image strengthening promotion. (Ref.:

The aim of the “Composed with Composite” brand is that any composite product or product assembled from composite materials leaving production facilities is branded with the “Composed with Composite” logo. By doing so, best use is made of the product as carrier of a promotional message to the outside world.

Any company wishing to use the logo, can download various versions, such as full color, grey or black and white, all free of charge from the “Composed with Composite” website. Instructions on how and where to use can be found on the site and also some background information on the unique logo design. The logo is officially registered as a Registered Trademark to protect it from illegal use.

To registered users, who want to use the website for a search of their products or services, a paid option is given to be listed as Partner of the “Composed with Composite” logo. This paid listing allows the site to be kept active and provide extra promotional value to the new generic brand. It is the aim of the initiators of the “Composed with Composite” brand that all composite products, anywhere world wide carry this distinguished generic brand proudly and in this way promote the composite industry as a whole.

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