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CompoSIDE Launches its Commercial Version Software

  • Tuesday, 27th January 2015
  • Reading time: about 4 minutes

CompoSIDE, the web based composites design engineering solution, has released its commercial version.

According to CompoSIDE, designing composites solutions just became faster and more efficient, whilst enabling enhanced creativity and improved quality, as they launch their commercial version software release. The new features that come with the release are designed to enable composites designers to fully unleash their creativity and develop innovative composites solutions faster and more efficiently, whilst improving quality and business focus.

“Composites designers and engineers can now access the full suite of CompoSIDE’s functionality that includes powerful design modules providing unprecedented freedom for the design of composite applications,” highlights CompoSIDE Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director Julien Sellier.

In addition to functions such as PROJECTSpace, LAMINASpace, SECTIONSpace and FESpace available in the trial version, the commercial release includes dedicated design engineering module YACHTScant. It also enables integration with third party tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and CAD. CompoSIDE features a powerful blend of analytical and numerical methods tools that enable users to create a wide range of strength and feasibility predictions for composites industry design challenges.

“CompoSIDE brings composites engineering software into the mainstream by introducing a subscription model that is based on usage, and not on site or user licences,” continues Julien. “As a result, you can have as many users as you like and only pay for what you use. CompoSIDE has a low cost of ownership making its unique composites-focused capabilities accessible to organisations of all sizes.”

CompoSIDE Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director Radek Michalik, who manages the software development, explains that the new release includes additional modules that help to support the business case for composites solutions. “BoMGen is a bill of material and weight estimation generation module which is specifically aimed at composites applications. It integrates fully with CompoSIDE’s design tools so, when you make changes to the design, the cost and weight implications are immediately reflected into the bill of materials. This is a unique and powerful tool that is invaluable for any business dealing with development of composite applications.

“When coupled with REPORTSpace, the integrated reporting engine, you can create a wide range of internal and external documentation, including production documents and a compelling business case for your composites application.”

Radek believes that a major strength is CompoSIDE’s secure web based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, which has been designed to facilitate greater flexibility, integration and collaboration, 

“CompoSIDE features innovative agile design workflows and, being browser based, it means that the software can be securely accessed from anywhere.

“And because you can have as many users as you want, it means that your entire design team alongside external consultants and subcontractors can work on a project within the same system and consistent data. This prevents the risk of data loss and improves quality and control, as designers are not spending their time constantly moving from application to application and copying data between different software.”

The commercial version of CompoSIDE is now available on a range of accessible subscription models. As a web based solution, the company explains that CompoSIDE can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal IT resources. Customised deployments can also be arranged for organisations with specific needs. CompoSIDE has been developed by the team behind management and technical consultancy STRUCTeam, incorporating its engineering and design field experience.

Julien concludes, “CompoSIDE’s commercial release is game changing software for the development of composites solutions. Project managers, designers, engineers and manufacturers can now access an online design solution that reduces the development time and cost for composites applications.

“We believe CompoSIDE will revolutionise composites solution design and engineering as it opens up a whole new range of composites application development opportunities. It offers new ways for composite experts and businesses to work and develop the future of the composites industry.”

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