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CHOMARAT Showcases G-FLOW for Infusion and Highlights latest JEC Innovation Award as a Partner in the Fast RTM Project

CHOMARAT Showcases G-FLOW for Infusion and Highlights latest JEC Innovation Award as a Partner in the Fast RTM Project

  • Tuesday, 7th March 2017
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

CHOMARAT G-FLOW, a reinforcement that combines structural and vacuum-draw functionalities, and is being used by leading companies in the marine and wind energy sectors, is showcased at JEC World 2017.

CHOMARAT has also received a JEC Innovation Award as a partner in the Fast RTM project and will hold a preview launch of its new range of C-WEAVE Design carbon fabrics during the show.

According to CHOMARAT, G-FLOW is now being used by one of the world’s leading companies in the marine sector and has been validated in the design of new wind turbine blades. The new 2-in-1 reinforcement for infusion processes serves both structural and vacuum-draw purposes. G-FLOW’s 100% glass composition helps maintain the structural mechanical properties, while its original textile structure provides vacuum-draw properties. Tests have demonstrated that for equivalent performance, there is an overall cost reduction of around 13% on average compared to a solution that requires an external flow medium (less preparation time, fewer consumables, so less waste).

“The structural and vacuum-flow properties of G-FLOW lead to shorter layup time, so there are real technical and economic advantages. Thanks to its exceptional long distance flow rate, G-FLOW is especially adapted for large parts, making it a bona fide alternative as a flow-medium reinforcement in structural parts. That is why it has already won over major builders facing cost and performance requirements, and why it has such good prospects for growth in markets like marine, wind energy, building & construction, transportation, and industrial part manufacturing,” says Claude Chabal, Products – Infusion Manager at CHOMARAT.

“The Fast RTM project is sponsored by the IRT M2P technology research institute and brings in manufacturers, universities and technical centres. The result is a flexible project that can be adapted to the requirements of builders in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries. This collaborative approach corresponds perfectly to Chomarat’s innovation strategy. We are very proud to be a stakeholder in this project, and we would like to congratulate all of our partners for this award, which represents a real honour in the profession!” says Philippe Sanial, R&D Director at CHOMARAT.

CHOMARAT explains that the Fast RTM project demonstrates the feasibility of using reactive RTM processes in the high-volume production of structural automotive parts. Under this project, CHOMARAT has developed optimised reinforcements that are compatible with the thermoplastic and thermoset resins used on the platform. The reinforcements are pre-formable, and suitable for high-speed processes and for the Fast RTM industrial platform. Entirely automated, the platform makes use of the compression resin transfer moulding (C-RTM) process.

At JEC World, CHOMARAT will give a preview launch of its CWEAVE Design, a range of carbon reinforcements dedicated more specifically to the automotive and sports equipment markets, adding that these fabrics combine an unusual design with structural performance. Two products are now available: a 100%-carbon reinforcement (245 g/m²) and a hybrid carbon/Innegra reinforcement with impact strength and vibration damping properties, especially appreciated in sports equipment.

”With C-WEAVE Design, we are expanding our range with premium-quality products for surface finishes, developed to satisfy industries with stringent requirements. The design is especially suitable for large parts like automotive body panels or longboards,” says Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, in charge of the sports equipment market at CHOMARAT.

Visit CHOMARAT in Hall 5A, Stand J42 at JEC World 2017.

Image provided by CHOMARAT

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