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Chomarat Affirms Its Expertise in Reinforcements for Sports Equipment

Chomarat Affirms Its Expertise in Reinforcements for Sports Equipment

  • Tuesday, 3rd May 2016
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Chomarat will present its latest Sports & Leisure application at JEC Americas in Atlanta, US, the lightest ski ever produced with its multiaxial carbon reinforcement, C-PLY.

Combining surface appearance and performance, Chomarat says its C-PLY is a real game changer in the Sports equipment market.

Launched in January 2016, the “Mythic 87” line of Dynastar’s skis uses Chomarat’s C-PLY multiaxial carbon reinforcements. These innovative backcountry skis were first developed for competitive skiing, but are now available for all skiers.

“We are very proud to be Dynastar’s partner in this project. With C-PLY, we offer structural design benefits to outperform existing solutions,” says Michel Cognet, Chomarat Group Managing Director.

According to Chomarat, the structure of C-PLY carbon reinforcement is optimised in terms of angles, ply weight and fibre alignment, so there is a perfect balance between strength and responsiveness, between high performance and weight which makes for a lightweight yet powerful ski.

“Thanks to the use of C-PLY, we lowered the weight of the skis by more than 25%, making it more comfortable for skiers and providing higher downhill performance. The combination of Dynastar know-how and the high-tech nature of C-PLY makes the ski the lightest one we’ve ever produced!” explains Dynastar Product Manager, Franz Marsan.

According to Chomarat, its South Carolina, US facility specialises in carbon reinforcements, offering the whole C-PLY range, including shallow angles and 100” width capability. The facility also produces woven carbon fabrics (C-WEAVE) and uses the most advanced technology available today to make high quality, cosmetically superior fabrics for demanding applications. Composite part producers in North America can, as Dynastar has, take advantage of Chomara’s expertise and capture the unique benefits that C-PLY can deliver including weight savings and higher strength.

“C-PLY is the new benchmark solution when you are looking for lower weight and lower costs while maintaining high performance,” says John Leatham, Sales and Marketing Director for Chomarat North America.


Image provided by Chomarat

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