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Ceramics Process Systems Announces First Quarter 2000 Results

  • Tuesday, 2nd May 2000
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Ceramics Process Systems Corporation today announced net income of $109 thousand on revenue of $1.35 million for the fiscal quarter ended April 1, 2000. This compares with a net income of $151 thousand, on revenue of $1.25 million for the fiscal quarter ended April 3, 1999. Grant Bennett, President, said: “We believe the market for metal-matrix composites is continuing to grow rapidly and that we are well positioned to capture that growth.” CPS develops, manufactures and markets advanced metal-matrix composites for housing and providing thermal management of high-density electronics. The Company’s products are primarily used in high-density microprocessor assemblies, wireless basestations, motor controllers, and satellite communications.

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