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CeraComp Now Available for Sealless Pumps

  • Tuesday, 19th July 2011
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Green Tweeds new ceramic-matrix composite CeraComp is now available, designed to have superior fracture and wear resistance.

CeraComp has been designed to expand the reliability of sealless pumps by virtually eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure. Green Tweed says that their CeraComp solutions deliver exceptional toughness and fracture resistance for dramatically improved MTBF (mean time between failures) and reduced maintenance costs.

They say that CeraComp is capable of withstanding temperatures over 1,100°F (600°C), exceeding the upper limit of polymeric and elastomeric composites, and maintains outstanding chemical resistance, achieving improved durability and longer component life. In addition, they explain that CeraComp’s toughness enables better structural integrity and impact resistance, eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure for their Petrochemical and Power customers.

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