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CDI to Transform Tubular Structure Manufacturing with the Launch of the M777 Machine at JEC Europe

  • Wednesday, 6th March 2013
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

CDI (Century Design) will be launching the M777 Horizontal Tape Placement Machine at JEC Europe, Porte de Versaille in Paris, France, next week.

According to CDI, the M777 offers precision tape placement on small to large diameter straight and tapered mandrels. The specially designed placement head controls both the tension of the tape as well as its accurate positioning on the mandrel. This ensures that standardised and high quality tubular components are produced every time.

It says the demand for such a machine has been driven by customers looking to improve manufacturing methods of tubular structures such as golf shafts, fishing rods, bike frames and struts. Traditionally these parts have been produced by rolling or filament winding. Whilst these methods produce good results they do not yield the most efficient parts due to ply drop offs and varying resin contents.

“We are offering a cost effective alternative to traditional production methods in one affordable package. The M777 makes highly engineered tubular structures, where weight and performance are critical, a viable and economical solution”, comments Keith McConnell, President of CDI.

With a pitch up to 152mm the M777 can process a variety of parts with a full range of materials and sizes. The M777 also has the ability to wrap both Prepreg and thin film tapes from the same tension head which in turn allows parts to be completed on one machine. This eliminates the need for a secondary operation which is time consuming and incurs further cost.

Key features of the M777 Horizontal Tape Placement Machine include:

  • Full 4 axis of motion
  • Computer controlled with HMI touch screen and precision servo drives
  • Full pivoting tape placement head with 180 degrees of motion
  • Dual tension control to facilitate precise regulation of both small and large rolls as well as varying tape widths and materials
  • Tension cancelling feature to allow for wrapping of long and/or small diameter parts
  • Capable of wrapping parts up to 300mm in diameter.

CDI explains it has already conducted extensive trials on the M777 in partnership with a selection of customers with great success.

CDI can be found at booth W84.

For more information visit:

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