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Casis Collects Lifetime Achievement Award at Composites 2005

  • Monday, 3rd October 2005
  • Reading time: about 6 minutes

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Dr Frank Cassis was awarded the American Composites Manufacturers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award at COMPOSITES 2005 in Columbus, Ohio by ACMA President Bill Kreysler.

“Sometimes hailed as the founding father of the underground gasoline storage tank, Frank Cassis has invested more than 45 years to developing corrosion-resistant composites,” said Kreysler. “With his leadership in application development, Dr. Cassis established isophthalic polyesters as ‘workhorse’ material systems that helped launch and grow the corrosion-resistant equipment sector in the composites industry.”

Also at this years COMPOSITES 2005 in Columbus, Ohio, the American Composite Manufacturers’ Association (ACMA) announced winners for its Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) competition. ACE entries are displayed each year at ACMA’s annual COMPOSITES conference.

The 2005 ACE Product Showcase drew more than 25 entries in six categories. ACE awards are given to innovative industry firms that exhibit products of exceptional merit. The Best of Show, Most Creative Application, Infinite Possibility, Process Innovation, and Superior Quality awards were sponsored by AOC and Composites One. Technical Innovation for Corrosion Application was sponsored by Ashland Specialty Chemical Company. ACE awards are decided by a panel of nine industry judges.

Best of Show:
Presented to the entry that is superior to all others in design, engineering, manufacturing, market significance, creativity, process innovation, and use of composites materials.
GE’s 90-115B Aircraft Engine Composite Fan Blade, GE Transportation – Aircraft Engines
One of 22 blades that make up the front of the world’s largest and most powerful jet engine. Only three blades have been removed from service after six million flight hours. The size and shape of the blade is designed to dramatically improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Most Creative Application:
Shows evidence¯via imagination, innovation, and creativity¯significant potential for traditional material replacement or refined use of composites materials.
RStandard Modular Composite Utility Pole, RS Technologies
An innovative substitute for traditional wood, steel, and concrete poles. Developed with RS Technologies’ proprietary Version polyurethane resin system, poles are manufactured using an innovative filament winding technology.

Infinite Possibility:
Presented to the entry that demonstrates the potential to significantly increase the use of composites in existing or developing markets, or generate the biggest impact to open new markets.
TRANSONITE Composites Sandwich Panel, Martin Marietta Composites
A pultruded 3-D, reinforced composite “sandwich” that virtually eliminates delamination failures by tying the top and bottom face sheets together with 3-D through-thickness fibers. Currently TRANSONITE is being used for trailers and truck beds to reduce weight, eliminate corrosion, and increase durability to lower operating costs.

Process Innovation:
Presented to the entry that is manufactured by the most innovative production method resulting in increased production rate while maintaining quality.
John Deere Air Scoop, Plastics Unlimited
Fits in the back of a combine used to harvest crops such as soy and corn. The process, PAT pending, is referred to as Tooless Engineered Composites (TEC), unique in that it offers the best of thermoformed composite properties without the cost of a composite tool.

Superior Quality:
Presented to the entry that is manufactured by open, single sided molding and best demonstrates exceptional fit, finish, and quality.
SparrowHawk Sailplane, Windward Performance, LLC.
The SparrowHawk is a prepreg carbon fiber sailplane that weighs only 155 pounds. Structure is strong and responsive, combining the performance of much larger sailplanes with handling and climbing ability.

Technical Innovation for Corrosion Application:
For the entry that best incorporates corrosion-resistant features in the final product.
Composites Platform Trailer, Martin Marietta Composites
First virtually all-composite platform trailer features a non-skid coated deck made from Martin Marietta’s TRANSONITE panel. The main beams are vacuum infused E-glass from RL industries. The outriggers and rear impact guard are made from pultruded profiles from Creative Pultrusions. Platform trailers are used in many industries to haul products ranging from steel coils to construction materials to livestock.

ACMA’s President’s Award
Interplastic’s McCabe Wins ACMA’s President’s Award
For his extensive and innovative work in composites and for volunteering his time to the ACMA, thirty-seven year industry veteran Terry McCabe also was honored today at COMPOSITES 2005 by ACMA President Kreysler who presented him with the 2005 President’s Award.
“Terry caught the industry bug by vacuum bagging insulated shipping containers in Australia in the late 60s,” said Kreysler. “He then started his career with his current employer as a lab technician in 1968 and readily advanced to increasing levels of responsibility. He has been actively involved in designing resins for all processes employed within the composites and cast polymer industries, and along with Everett Pearson, conceptualized the use of vinyl ester skin coats for the marine industry to eliminate osmotic blistering.”

Dohn and Garasi Inducted to Composites Hall of Fame
For life-long commitments to the composites industry, George Dohn, recently retired from Alcan Baltek, and Gruber Systems’ Louis Garasi were inducted into the American Composites Manufacturers Association’s (ACMA) Composites Hall of Fame today at COMPOSITES 2005 in Columbus, Ohio.

“To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, honorees must have devoted at least 20 years of service to the industry and made some sort of lasting impact that will forever be felt by industry professionals,” commented ACMA President Bill Kreysler. “This year’s honorees, Lou Garasi and George Dohn without question meet that criteria.”

For more than 35 years, Dohn, a former ACMA board member who holds a degree in wood products engineering from New York State, worked in various capacities at Baltek and, later, Alcan-Baltek. He developed some of the first sandwich applications using balsa as a core material and was the first to implement laminate evaluation of mechanical properties to augment design of balsa sandwich constructions.

A recognized pioneer in cast polymer technology, Louis Garasi, who has been actively involved in the industry since 1957, developed the first standard molds for cultured marble vanities and was instrumental in the creation and continuation of the International Cast Polymer Alliance, formerly the Cast Polymer Institute of which Garasi was a founding member. With more than 200 employees, Gruber Systems, started in 1965 and headquartered in Valencia, Calif., under Garasi’s leadership is today a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cast polymer tooling, equipment, and production systems for the manufacture of bathroom vanities, bathtubs, kitchen counter tops and sinks.

“George hasn’t just been a frequent presenter and author, he has exemplified the spirit of volunteerism by truly living and giving his passion for the industry,” said Kreysler. “And Lou is described as a man of extreme integrity and inspiration.”

People’s Choice:
The carbon fiber-enhanced liner/stringer system of Baja Marine won the People’s Choice Award at the Composites 2005 event of the American Composites Manufacturers Association. The resin for the application is a HydroPro vinyl ester blend from AOC.

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