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Carbon Fibre Gangway Makes Quantum Leap

  • Thursday, 24th March 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Exit Engineering assert that their new 3500mm carbon fibre gangway is a huge step forward in gangway technology.

Targeted at the larger yacht market and weighing just 12.5kg there is no need for costly, heavy hydraulics to operate this boarding system. Designed for one person to handle and deploy with ease, this gangway folds in half for easy stowage.

Because of its incredibly light weight, Exit Engineering has been able to break with the tradition of gangways being narrow. At 600mm (23.6”) wide, this new gangway is 50% wider than most comparable products, while weighing less, making for a safe, comfortable crossing from ship to shore.

Manufactured using carbon/epoxy pre-pregs, autoclave and female moulds, the gangway is incredibly strong (max load 350kg) and has a beautiful high gloss carbon fibre finish. Giuseppe Bottacin, Technical Director at Exit Engineering comments: “No hand-made, wet lay-up process with carbon fibre can reach this level of performance or quality of finish”.

The hinges are also made from carbon fibre, laid up together with the rest of the structure, so there’s no bonding. The walking surface is nomex honeycomb sandwich to provide more rigidity. The layup was computed using FEM simulations to optimize weight and strength. The fabrics used are Twillx2 and UD with different thicknesses.

This safe, light, high gloss carbon fibre finished gangway is available to the public from 3,980 euros. Its smaller sisters start at euros 1,790.

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