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C-Grid Reinforces Countertops at Salsarita's Fresh Cantinas

  • Sunday, 23rd September 2007
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Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina restaurants are now utilizing C-Grid, the carbon fibre reinforcement grid manufactured by Techfab and Altus Group, to reinforce countertops at their restaurant chains all throughout the United States.

Solid Designs, a decor concrete manufacturing company in Greenville, S.C., needed stronger concrete countertop slabs designed for shipping, handling and distribution to Salsarita’s. At the bar area inside its restaurants, Salsarita’s wanted stronger countertops and a more aesthetically pleasing countertop surface.

Solid Designs created custom-designed C-Grid reinforced countertop solutions for Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina restaurants. The countertops helped Salsarita’s compliment its interior decor with custom-designed countertops that not only looked attractive, but also maintained form and function.

By utilizing C-Grid, Solid Designs was able to produce countertops on a faster schedule without worrying about cracking. This accelerated schedule helped Solid Designs increase business and maintain a high production volume of countertops. C-Grid prevented rust and cracking, while increasing ductility in the countertops. Techfab says that the carbon fibre grid is easy to handle and is up to five times stronger than steel by weight.

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