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British Joint Venture to Address Changes in Global Aerospace Industry

  • Friday, 10th June 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

A New British company called HYTRI has been formed to address changes in the aerospace industry, especially with regards to new material use, and accelerate the drive to find more efficient ways to produce airframe structures.

The new company aimed at leading international aerospace manufacturers and their supply chain partners, has been formed to help address changes in the industry by offering a range of technical consultancy services. The company purports to have “”the proven ability”” to design, make and implement complex special purpose machinery and automation systems for the aerospace industry.

The HYTRI initiative is the result of a formal collaboration between Hyde Group Ltd., which claims to be the world’s largest, privately owned aerospace tooling design and manufacturing group with an annual turnover of £110 million, and, AMTRI Ltd., an engineering company that provides research and advisory services, production machinery and robotic systems to manufacturing industries in the UK and worldwide, including the aerospace sector.

According to the two founders, HYTRI will address the growing need in the aerospace industry for a specialist resource that will be able to meet the rapid changes taking place, especially in the use of both new and conventional construction materials and related manufacturing processes. The company believes aerospace manufacturers will increasingly turn to external contractors that possess the appropriate knowledge and skills.

“”The aerospace industry is rapidly adopting advanced new materials and construction methods such as the use of reinforced composites. To fabricate and manufacture these complex airframe structures will require new approaches to design and manufacture,”” said Stuart Wilson, Managing Director of Hyde Group, the company that is a co-founder of HYTRI.

“”In addition, as airframe structures become more sophisticated, skilled labour is becoming harder to recruit,”” he said. “”With greater global competition, the industry has to become much more productive and efficient. Against this scenario, automation will play an increasingly important role in delivering faster, reliable and consistent results and making production more profitable.””

A particular example, he said, is where modern airframe manufacture involves the automated drilling and assembly of large semi-flexible structures. Local positional accuracy, the alignment of holes and the rapid insertion of fasteners are some of the key requirements.

Full Darwin wing wing

Hyde Group’s Stuart Wilson said: “”after many successful years working together it is our pleasure to co-operate with AMTRI and launch HYTRI. We look forward to new business developments, which will focus on next generation manufacturing within the aerospace industry and help validate the new company as a global resource for aerospace automation.””

Managing Director of AMTRI, Phil Sholl, added: “”we are delighted to join with Hyde Group and form HYTRI. For potential clients, AMTRI brings to the collaboration a wealth of specialist experience and knowledge in research, coupled to the development and delivery of highly automated and complex systems and related technologies, for some of the most important names in the European aerospace industry.””

The new company will be based at Macclesfield and will begin combined operations from June 2005.

Speaking to a member of the Hyde Group earlier this week, they did say that one of the projects they are working on is developing an automated drilling and settling machine using FRP composite parts for Airbus in the UK.

Hyde Group designs, manufactures and supports complete turnkey engineering solutions to the aerospace, automotive, marine and general engineering sectors.

AMTRI is an engineering company specialising in solving manufacturing technology problems, and supplies bespoke machinery, automation systems and specialist technical services to the manufacturing sector in the UK and worldwide.

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