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Brazil – Redelease Sponsors the National Composites Recycling Program

  • Thursday, 8th January 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Brazilian distributor of raw material for thermoset and thermoplastic industries, Redelease is one of the sponsors of the National Composites Recycling Program.

The project has the financing of Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and aims to reduce the volume of waste discarded by the Brazilian composites segment, currently estimated in 13,000 tons per year from process tailing and defective parts. According to Abmaco, such volume represents an annual waste of approximately R$ 90 million (US$ 40 million).

“The composites versatility implies in its use by hundreds of types of market, from the simplest to the most technical. Because that there is no uniform position from the segment concerning recycling”, analyzes Roberto Iacovella, Redelease CEO. The company is the sole distributor of raw materials to be part of the relation between the sponsors that invested, each one, R$ 80 thousand to make viable such Abmaco and IPT project.

Overall, the National Composites Recycling Program is the development of technologies that allow the use of residues generated in the composites processing by its own processors. “As an example of international experiences, the project represents a collective action, partnership type, to be performed by the segments companies and coordinated by the partnership between Abmaco and IPT”, says Gilmar Lima, Association’s president.

Among several actions towards the environment, Redelease started to provide a few types of semi-permanent release agents in bulk, thus reducing the volume of packaging discarded by its customers. “We also added to our portfolio several water-based products, replacing traditional solvents harmful to the environment”, recalls Iacovella.

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