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Brazil Composites Top of Mind Awards Comprises 21 Categories

  • Tuesday, 30th October 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Organised by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), the Top of Mind awards feature the independent research work and verification of Destaque Business Research; over four weeks, Destaque registered 2.210 votes, divided into 21 categories.

Over four weeks, Destaque registered 2.210 votes, divided into 21 categories. In this third edition, the main novelty of the Top of Mind Award was the inclusion of the category “Epoxy Resin”, a raw material which they say is used mainly in the manufacture of wind blades.

According to Gilmar Lima, President of ALMACO, the increased demand for composites by the Brazilian wind power generation industry led to the decision to include this category. “It is a rapidly growing market, such so that new companies are settling down in Brazil”. Last year, this segment consumed 44,700 tons of composites, which resulted in a revenue of USD 315 million.

The finalists of each category are listed below:

  • Gelcoat: CCP Composites, Morquímica and Reichhold
  • Fibreglass: CPIC Brasil, Jushi Group and Owens Corning
  • Peroxides: AkzoNobel, Arkema and Polinox
  • Additives: Bandeirante Química, BYK and Polystell
  • SMC: BMC do Brasil, Seeber Fastplas and Tecnofibras
  • Structural Adhesives: Ashland, Huntsman and LORD
  • Continuous Lamination: Fibralit, MVC and Vetroresina do Brasil
  • Manual Process: Fortlev, iGUi and Marcopolo Plásticos
  • Manufacturers of Moulds: A.J.B. Souza, Desafio Moldes and DMG Indústria de Moldes
  • Polyester Resin: Ashland, Elekeiroz and Reichhold
  • Infusion: Barracuda, MVC and Tecsis
  • Equipment: ABCol, Fibermaq and GlasCraft
  • RTM: Marcopolo Plásticos, MVC and Tecnofibras
  • Filament Winding: Edra do Brasil, NOV Fiber Glass Systems and Petrofisa do Brasil
  • Distributor: ABCol, Redelease and VI Fiberglass
  • Pultrusion: Cogumelo, Enmac, Petrofisa do Brasil and Stratus
  • BMC: BMC do Brasil, Eletrisol and TechPress
  • Moulding Compound: F.B.Mix, BMC do Brasil and Tecnofibras
  • Mould Release: ABCol, Polinox and Redelease
  • Epoxi Resin: Dow, Huntsman and Momentive
  • Composites Industry: ABCol, Ashland, MVC and Reichhold

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